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Seamlessly Integrate and Orchestrate Your Security Tools.

As we continue to develop our Security Orchestration, Automation and Response platform, IncMan SOAR, one of our main goals is to provide a streamlined integration with the most popular third-party security tools and technologies.

DFLabs aims to leverage their capabilities and create the most comprehensive and efficient security operations solution possible.

Currently, IncMan SOAR supports hundreds of third-party security technologies via QIC, API, CEF, Syslog, and Email, with a constantly growing list of certified bidirectional integrations and provides an Open Integration Framework for custom integrations.

AccessData FTK

Forensic acquisition and verification information from FTK.

Cuckoo Sandbox

Open source automated malware analysis platform.

Solution brief

Hatching Triage

Denote files with Hatching Triage Malware Sandbox.

Hybrid Analysis

Online sandbox for file and URL analysis.

Joe Sandbox

Execute suspicious files and URLs for analysis during incident investigation using Joe Sandbox.

Lastline Analyst

Safely execute malware samples in advanced malware inspection and isolation environment.

OpenText EnCase

Computer forensics and digital investigations suite.

OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security

Collect evidence, create events and investigations, and issue containment actions with EnCase Endpoint Security.


Forensic acquisition and verification information from Tableau Forensic Imagers.

Scan and analyze websites.


Forensic acquisition and verification information from X-Ways.

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