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If you missed our live webinar dates, don’t worry. View our archive of previous webinars, available to view on-demand at any time, covering a range of topics including the latest challenges, product overviews and our integration partnerships.

Provide Better MDR Services to Clients with SOAR for MSSPs

learn how SOAR can overcome these MSSP pain points and see firsthand the new features and capabilities of our SOAR solution specifically designed for MSSPs, with more due in Q2 2019.

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Dive Head First into the Endpoint (Without Hitting Your Head): A DFLabs and Carbon Black Use Case

Learn how: - Carbon Black’s suite of products can improve your security infrastructure - IncMan SOAR’s automation and orchestration capabilities can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your security program - Carbon Black and DFLabs together can reduce incident detection and response times

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Leveraging Your Existing SIEM Solution with SOAR Technology

Improve Your Cyber Incident Response with LogPoint SIEM and DFLabs SOAR joint Solution.

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Automation as a Force Multiplier in Cyber Incident Response

Learn industry best practices to improve your security analyst’s effectiveness by eliminating Alert Fatigue.

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Detect, Analyze and Respond to Advanced Malware Using Security Orchestration and Automation: A DFLabs and McAfee Use Case

Learn how McAfee’s suite of security products combined with IncMan SOAR from DFLabs can automatically detect and respond to malware threats to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your security program

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Transform Your Security Operations With SOAR Technology - IncMan SOAR Overview

Join this webinar to learn how to transform your Security Operations by using SOAR technology and discover how DFLabs can help you to detect, respond to and remediate all security incidents fast, before they impact your organization.

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