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DFLabs IncMan Product Overview

Learn how DFLabs IncMan can help you automate, orchestrate and measure your incident response and security operations.

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In-house or Outsourced Security Operations Center?

The need to have a Security Operations Center (SOC) is becoming increasingly evident with each passing day, with data breaches being a common occurrence for many organizations around the globe. When organizations start thinking about setting up a SOC, they face a big dilemma - whether to build one in-house, or go with an outsourced or managed services model.

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Automate or Die without Dying

Automating security operations and incident response in a safe and effective manner is admittedly challenging. However, it still remains highly desirable, considering that manual processes are not suitable for responding to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

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DFLabs IncMan Product Overview-3

Learn how DFLabs IncMan can help you automate, orchestrate and measure your incident response and security operations. Minimize incident resolution time by 90%, maximize analyst efficiency by 80% and increase the amount of handled Incidents by 300%.

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Automation as a Force Multiplier in Cyber Incident Response

Security Analysts are subjected to such a volume and frequency of alerts that they become desensitized to the information they are meant to analyze, resulting in critical alerts being disregarded or missed. Learn four industry best practices to improve your security analyst’s effectiveness by eliminating alert fatigue.

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A CISO's Key Challenge: Creating Valid Security Metrics & Reporting For Security

Cyber Security requires organizations to analyze and correlate data derived from the measurement of the right metrics. Every CISO is searching for the best practices for turning metrics and reporting into meaningful data for important data sharing levels within organizations. Learn more.

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