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Our range of third-party reports provide expert analysis, insights and trends in the security arena around the topic of Security Orchestrate, Automation and Response from some of the world’s leading analyst and research institutes. Download our free reports today to learn more.

SANS Institute / 2 Aug 2019

SANS 2019 Incident Response (IR) Survey: It’s Time for a Change

The SANS 2019 Incident Response (IR) Survey Report sponsored by DFLabs examins the key stats, findings, takeaways and more from a range of organizations surveyed.

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SANS Institute / 11 Jul 2019

SANS 2019 SOC Survey Report: Common and Best Practices for Security Operations Centers

The SANS 2019 SOC Survey Report sponsored by DFLabs provides a comprehensive perspective of best practices for Security Operations Centers (SOCs), as well as uncovers this year’s SOC findings from a range of organizations surveyed.

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SANS Institute / 21 Aug 2018

SANS 2018 SOC Survey Report: The Definition of SOC-cess?

The SANS 2018 SOC Survey sponsored by DFLabs provides an all-round perspective of what SOCs look like within today's organizations across the globe and provides recommendations on how to continue to improve them.

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451 Research / 3 Jul 2018

DFLabs Brings Security Automation and Orchestration to MSSPs

Discover how DFLabs IncMan SOAR Platform can provide MSSPs with the capabilities needed to manage, measure and maximize effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.

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Ovum / 26 Mar 2018

On the Radar: DFLabs IncMan Provides Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Facilities

Discover why you need to put DFLabs' IncMan SOAR Platform on your radar for incident response and security management capabilities.

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451 Research / 2 May 2017

DFLabs Integrates Technical and Process Forte with Human Touch for Incident Response

See how IncMan focuses on dual-mode processing in which human judgement and intervention can be triggered within an otherwise fully automated incident response and SOC workflow.

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