IncMan Automation-and-Orchestration Platform allows you to control every part of your cyber incident response.

Share the Essential

Reduce Reaction Times with Actionable and Anonymized Shared Intelligence

Optimizing Human Capital & Intelligence

IncMan allows cyber security teams to analyze and respond in real time.

See it in Action

See IncMan Helping SOC & CSIRT
With IncMan you can finally:

● Automate the execution of any possible response and concentrate your SOC and/or CSIRT on more complexed urgent concerns.
● Use prioritized workflows to respond to all your current and future threats.
● Perform automated forensics and remediation of your target, streamlining your cybersecurity.
● Integrate with any part of your cybersecurity infrastructure without time consuming automated details.
● Integrate with all Intrusion Detection Systems, Endpoint CyberSecurity, and your SIEM responding instantly to qualified threats.
● Track and retrace all your critical steps.

Shared Intelligence

IncMan empowers your enterprise to perform actionable and controlled intelligence sharing with their ISAC of choice. Decide what and how you share knowledge while maintaining confidentiality and privacy - and get all Cybersecurity Incidents Under Control.

A stellar Ecosystem of Partners and Advisors

IncMan integrates bi-directionally with the majority of SIEM Vendors (Splunk, Arcsight, Q-Radar, and more), plus other security options such as Carbon Black, Palo Alto Networks, Remedy, and others. In total, DFLabs integrates over 50 third-party and has dozens of API available for actionable incident response orchestration and automation.

DFLabs is member of the most prestigious associations and standard bodies worldwide. We actively contribute to the security world, both from a scientific and practitioner standpoint. We are Member of the following associations and standardization bodies: ACFE, ISACA, HTCIA, ISO (UNINFO) - OASIS. Our personnel is Certified with ISACA - ACFE and SANS Institute.

People are Talking

"Incident Response is a market that DFLabs is well positioned to serve with its long history and expertise. IncMan offering is designed 'by practitioners for practitioners' and has all the technical foundations of a solid product."

-Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security Practice, 451 Research, Javvad Malik

"IncMan is a well-rounded, customizable Incident Management system. Their ports, dashboards and workflows are perfectly suited for the university and its students."

-University of Advancing Technology, UnitedStates. Abe Alirez, Network Operations

"DFLabs is one of the top breach detection and incident response firms globally"

-Founder and CEO of Cybersecurity Ventures. Steve Morgan

"IncMan NG is second to none! It is a centralized incident management platform that is fully customizable for your automation needs. Has the ability to maintain your run books, forensic artifacts and IOCs all in one platform. This product is a must for all SOCs and CIRTs."

-Fortune 500, Oil& Gas Industry (Texas) John McLeod, Information Security Manager

"IncMan NG provides an outstanding customizable centralized incident management platform to keep track and provide customized reporting on forensic artifacts, incident tracking and IOCs. Due to our complex SOC and CIRT environment IncMan NG was the only product that met all of our needs."

-Bridgestone Americas Todd Strunce, Information Security Operations, Specialist III