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Innovative Open Integration Framework, REST API, Automated START Triage and More.

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New Features Created in Partnership with MSSP and MDR Providers

Increase value to customers, differentiate services, streamline processes and reduce internal costs with SOAR.

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Enhance Your Customization Capabilities with Our Open Integration Framework

Extend security product integrations easily without the need for complex coding.

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Award-Winning SOAR Platform

Top 100 in Europe

Best Security Orchestration Automation and Response

Security Automation and Orchestration

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Best Continuous Monitoring & Mitigation

What We Do.

Automate, Orchestrate & Measure

Cyber incident response means the process of exchanging necessary information on a cyber security incident with individuals or organizations responsible for conducting or coordinating remediation to address the cyber security incident.

DFLabs’ Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform, IncMan SOAR, is designed for SOCs, CSIRTs and MSSPs to automate, orchestrate and measure security operations and incident response processes and tasks, all from within one single, intuitive platform.

By integrating security tools, fusing intelligence, sharing knowledge and implementing seamless workflows, IncMan SOAR enables every security incident to be detected, responded to, and remediated in the fastest possible time frame.

  • Minimize incident resolution time by 90%
  • Increase handled incidents by 300%
  • Maximize Analyst efficiency by 80%

Challenges We Solve.

Transform Your Security Operations

With cyber attacks continuously on the rise, it only takes ONE to impact your organization.

Solving some of the most common challenges and pain points, IncMan SOAR transforms your security operations to efficiently and effectively handle any security incident it may face.

Here are just some of the challenges we can help you to overcome:

  • Growing volume and veracity of security alerts, often with some left untouched
  • Increased workloads with mundane and repetitive tasks taking up valuable time
  • Shortage and competition for skilled security analysts
  • Lack of knowledge transfer with tribal knowledge lost with personnel changes
  • Budgetary, legal and compliance constraints
  • Difficulty measuring and managing overall performance

How We Do It.

Complete and Comprehensive SOAR Platform

DFLabs covers the entire spectrum of security orchestration, automation and response components as outlined by Gartner, with a unique combination of features and capabilities, driven through continuous improvement and innovation.

IncMan SOAR is the only platform to offer full incident response lifecycle management with machine learning and threat hunting.

Acting as a force multiplier, it enables security teams to do more with less, empowering security analysts, while ensuring organizations stay one step ahead of any potential threat.

IncMan SOAR.

Core Components of SOAR

IncMan SOAR provides three critical functions as an enabler to your security program. Automation and orchestration which in turn enables response, as well as measurement.


Augment analysts by automating common, repetitive and menial tasks driven by machine learning for faster response to all alerts.

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Establish repeatable, enforceable, measurable and effective incident response workflows, orchestrating your security tool set into one seamless response process.

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Measure, benchmark and optimize security operations and incident response activities and performance from one intuitive and collaborative platform.

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DFLabs Resources.

Check Out Our Latest Resources

Heather Hixon / 4 Feb 2020

2020 MSSP Buyer’s Guide for SOAR Solutions

An unbiased guide to assessing Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solutions for MSSPs.

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John Moran / 1 Mar 2018

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Security Operations and Incident Response

Learn why KPIs are so important, how many KPIs are appropriate and how to choose the best KPIs for a given organization.

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Mike Fowler / 2 Sep 2019

Gartner Market Guide for SOAR Solutions: Techno-Darwinism and the Next Evolution of SOAR

How IncMan SOAR from DFLabs meets and exceeds Gartner’s Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) criteria, and evolving industry expectations.

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Seamlessly Integrate and Orchestrate Your Tools Together as One.

Improve efficiencies by enabling your security analysts to access and manage all tools, technologies and processes from one intuitive platform.

IncMan SOAR supports hundreds of 3rd party security technologies via QIC, API, CEF, Syslog and Email, with a constantly growing list of certified bidirectional integrations and Open Integration Framework for custom integrations.

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