The Most Open SOAR Platform

Helping Security Teams, Enterprises, and MSSPs Prioritize and Respond to What Really Matters

  • Rapidly respond to cybersecurity alerts
  • 10x your SecOps productivity
  • Minimize the impact of incidents
  • Easily integrate with your current ecosystem

Overwhelmed by the Number of Cyber Attacks Hitting Your Network?

  • Can't keep up with never-ending alerts.
  • Too many false positives.
  • Technologies don’t work well together.
  • Not enough skilled staff to respond.
  • Overwhelming task load.
  • Worried about data breaches.

IncMan SOAR enables your team to focus on critical alerts while we handle the rest

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Respond to Alerts Faster With Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

Our IncMan SOAR solution helps you recognize actual incidents instead of chasing countless false positives.

  • Detect and investigate alerts

    Collect incoming alerts and validate threat levels.

  • Reduce false positives

    Triage alerts to identify actual attacks and reduce the noise.

  • Respond to attacks

    Take action to remediate cyberattacks and threats.

  • Measure success

    Effectively track KPIs and business risk.

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IncMan SOAR Empowers your Processes and Teams

  • Automate

    Improve analysts’ productivity by automating common, repetitive and menial tasks driven by machine learning for faster response to all alerts.

  • Orchestrate

    Establish repeatable incident response workflows, orchestrating your security toolset into one seamless response process.

  • Measure

    Measure and optimize the performance of your cyber security operations and incident response program from one intuitive and collaborative platform.

We Keep Cyber Incidents Under Control

We've worked in security operations (SecOps) and incident response (IR) for decades. We understand how frustrating it is to waste so much time responding to non-critical alerts and false positives.

We helped establish industry standards for SecOps and IR.

Our customers include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises, managed security service providers, and global government organizations.

  • Co-edited four ISO standards
  • Pioneers in cybersecurity and incident response
  • Engineered one of the first technical implementations of RFC 5070
  • We’re the only SOAR vendor with multiple technology patents
  • Actively participate in technical committees within standardization bodies

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IncMan SOAR Platform Works With Your Existing Cyber Security Systems

  • Independent and Open SOAR Architecture

    As a pure-play provider, our IncMan SOAR solution has an open architecture and agile approach to meeting your individual SecOps needs, so that you are not tied down by existing technologies or vendor relationships.

  • Incident Triage and False Positive Reduction

    IncMan SOAR automatically triages events identifying false positives before creating full incidents, leading to a 10x reduction of analyst time spent on mundane and repetitive tasks.

  • End-to-End SOAR Platform

    We provide a comprehensive platform that supports SOC and IR teams from identification to remediation, including full case management capabilities.

  • Customizable Features

    IncMan SOAR is highly adaptable and can be tailored to meet your team’s most granular needs, as well as existing programs and processes, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

  • Success Driven Partner Approach

    Through consultation and collaboration, our IncMan SOAR solution takes ownership of your SecOps goals, from POC to production, in order to improve your overall security program.

  • Real Value for MSSPs

    IncMan SOAR has a real MSSP Architecture and the most flexible pricing model in the market, leading to a 10x reduction of analyst time, optimizing costs, and increasing margins.

Transform Your Security Operations.

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  • Determine how IncMan SOAR can meet your needs

  • Launch your new SOAR solution

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IncMan provides an outstanding customizable centralized incident management platform to keep track and provide customized reporting on forensic artifacts, incident tracking and IOCs. Due to our complex SOC and CSIRT environment, IncMan was the only product that met all of our needs.

Information Security Operations, Specialist III

Our partnership with DFLabs gives us access to technology that can help keep our customers out of the news.

Principal Partner of Luminologies LLC

We found a great need for a ‘guided’ approach to full automation and orchestration and DFLabs is the only vendor today to do both.

Senior Principal Analyst at ESG

IncMan is second to none! It is a centralized incident management platform that is fully customizable for your automation needs. Has the ability to maintain your run books, forensic artifacts and IOCs all in one platform. This product is a must for all SOCs and CSIRTs.

Information Security Manager

DFLabs’ IncMan platform reflects technical and process depth across incident response automation, forensics and case management, including collaboration.

Senior Analyst, Information Security at 451 Research

IncMan is a well-rounded, customizable Incident Management system. Their ports, dashboards and workflows are perfectly suited for the university and its students.

Network Operations at University of Advancing Technology, United States

The DFLabs platform enables resellers and managed security solutions providers to satisfy GDPR for their customers with a minimum of manual effort and resources.

CEO of Softshell

DFLabs is one of the top breach detection and incident response firms globally.

Founder and CEO of Cybersecurity Ventures

DFLabs SOAR platform addresses MSSP challenges with support for granular risk factors, machine learning, semi to full automation, incident triage, playbooks and built-in integrations to over 100 cybersecurity tools, enabling them to accelerate responses to the threats facing their customers.”

Senior Analyst at 451 Research

Stop Wasting Time Sorting Through Alerts

You’re paying analysts a lot of money to sort through false positives. What a waste of resources! IncMan SOAR identifies false positives and decreases the number of alerts you need to respond to. Making your SecOps more efficient and effective.

Your expert team can now focus on actual threats and not waste time sorting through non-critical alerts. This means you don’t need to worry about data breaches or bad publicity from a cyberattack that was missed because it got lost in the sea of alerts.

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Take Charge of Your Security Operations with IncMan SOAR.

Be confident in your Security Operations and Incident Response.

Learn how IncMan SOAR helps you to:

  • Improve your response time by up to 80% with fully and semi-automated Incident Response
  • See a substantial return on investment — for the cost of about one analyst per year, you can 10x your SecOps productivity
  • Know which information, tasks, and alerts are actionable
  • Respond to every single alert as it arrives in real-time so that no threats are left unattended
  • Utilize your human resources and existing tools more effectively.

See our IncMan SOAR in action.

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