Case Manager
IncMan Case Manager provides a powerful easy to use system for collaboratively managing relevant information gathered while performing Incident Response and Cyber Forensics.
IncMan CM
Case Management Under Control
IncMan Case Manager (IncMan CM) provides our customers with the most feature-rich case management platform available. During digital evidence tracking and forensics investigations, IncMan automatically manages cases, data, modifications and tracks every action made by your entire team.

IncMan CM provides your team with the tools to successfully meet the challenges of full incident transparency and integrated workflow. We provide the critical tools to track digital evidence and investigative processes during each stage of an incident. IncMan CM was designed from the ground up to comply with cyber security and investigative standards and best practices including the International Standards Organization (ISO), Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Our focus on multi-tenant support permits IncMan CM to function effectively both on premise and in the cloud. IncMan CM can easily scale from small cyber investigation teams to the largest corporate Security Operation Centers and MSSP. Multiple investigators can work concurrently on the same investigation while maintaining full workflow and incident transparency.

In order to truly keep cyber incidents under control, it’s critical to identify the scope of the incident using the right tools coupled with solid workflow and a standard based methodology. IncMan CM gives you the platform you need to handle today’s investigation with an eye on tomorrow’s challenges.

Case Manager Key Features:

  • Integrated Support for cyber forensic tools and metadata

  • Integrated Knowledge Base Access

  • Investigation Timeline Review

  • Engagement Forms

  • Chain-of-Custody Tracking

  • Multi-Investigator Collaboration

  • Rapid Dashboard Visualization of KPIs

  • Lab and Inventory Management

  • Case Creation and Management Wizards

  • Multiple Reporting Formats including PDF and Word

Operational Capabilities

  • Incident and Forensic Case Management

  • Simplified On-premises and Cloud Installation

  • Automated Correlation among cases and Integrated Knowledge Base

  • Multi Tenancy Version Available with Disaster Recovery Options Available

  • Granular Chain of Custody Tracking

  • Feature-Rich Evidence Inclusion and Tracking System

Third Party Integration

  • Native Support for EnCase, FTK and Tableau Forensic Image Inclusion

  • Native Support for Importing Bookmarks and Snapshots from the top Forensic Tools

Litigation Support

  • IncMan CM is International Standards Based

  • Subscriptions Available for Access to our Extensive Collection of Knowledge Base Articles

"Incident Response is a market that DFLabs is well positioned to serve with its long history and expertise. IncMan offering is designed ‘by practitioners for practitioners’ and has all the technical foundations of a solid product."
Javvad Malik
Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security Practice
451 Research