DFLabs – Cyber Incidents Under Control – we are a recognized global leader in automated incident, breach response, and orchestration security. Led by a management team recognized for its experience and contributions to the information security field including co-edited and contributed to multiple industry standards for the ISO and OASIS. Our flagship product, IncMan, is adopted by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations worldwide. DFLabs has operations in Europe, North America, Middle East, and Asia.
DFLabs mission has allowed security teams to analyze and respond to cyber incidents and get them under control. That means less lag between incidents, breaches, and solutions, limiting the losses caused by cyber-attacks. 24/7 we’re making cyber security faster with controlled intelligence sharing for our clients – globally.
By combining automation, orchestration and response in to one powerful platform, DFLabs provides cyber security teams with the ability to react faster globally. This all-in-one Supervised approach, dramatically reducing the time it takes to for an Active shut down on an attack and recover from data breaches with collaboration and Intelligence sharing.