How It Works
Cybersecurity teams work faster and smarter with IncMan when critical moments demand speed and efficiencies that are essential to protecting your business or organization.
Maintaining complete control over cybersecurity incidents
by answering the main questions
IncMan helps you maintain complete control over your cybersecurity incidents by providing answers to the following questions:

What is happening?

IncMan immediately allows you the power to assess the risk and develop executable actions plans. It’s not enough to know that there’s a problem. IncMan analyzes exactly how many cybersecurity incidents are occurring and what’s causing them. Understanding what’s happening in real-time allows enterprise teams to effectively measure and predict the impact of the incidents.

How can I prioritize my response?

IncMan intuitively provides you with a clear path to prioritizing your response, resulting in a dramatic reduction in time spent solving the problem.
Predictive analysis is an essential piece to effectively orchestrating incident response. To manage response efficiently and quickly, enterprise cybersecurity teams must attribute priorities to their current incident status, based upon the most relevant KRI (Key Risk Indicators).

How can I contain the damage?

After a breach, IncMan provides a complete and swift report of the damages. Automated incident reports are sent to your cybersecurity team based on specialized rules and strategies. These intelligence and attack-path analysis capabilities dramatically reduce your team’s reaction time.

Has this occurred elsewhere?

Sharing this critical information safely can speed up the response of all our global clients, including your own cybersecurity team. Perform controlled intelligence sharing with your community of choice (i.e. FS-ISAC) in real-time alerting and informing others about the same cybersecurity issue and inquiring on which course of action they applied.

IncMan was designed and developed to provide your team with the answers:

Visibility Over Threat Landscape

IncMan provides visibility to your overall threat landscape and connects you with Cybersecurity Data Sources and Threat Intelligence Services. Making it easier to view in a single, transparent “pane of glass” view.

This allows cybersecurity teams to analyze and respond in real-time, maximizing the effectiveness of SOCs and CSIRTs. With the combination of our centralized control point and the dramatically reduced reaction time, IncMan increases productivity because the security team’s existing architecture is not duplicated.

Process and Response Orchestration

With IncMan you can finally:

● Automate the execution of any possible response and concentrate your SOC and/or CSIRT on more complexed urgent concerns.
● Use prioritized workflows to respond to all your current and future threats.
● Perform automated forensics and remediation of your target, streamlining your cybersecurity.
● Integrate with any part of your cybersecurity infrastructure without time consuming automated details.
● Integrate with all Intrusion Detection Systems, Endpoint CyberSecurity, and your SIEM responding instantly to qualified threats.
● Track and retrace all your critical steps.

Shared Intelligence

IncMan empowers your enterprise to perform actionable and controlled intelligence sharing with their ISAC of choice.
Decide what and how you share knowledge while maintaining confidentiality and privacy -
Supervised Active Intelligence for all Cybersecurity Incidents Under Control.