Incident Response
IncMan’s unique empowering patented, methodology is the Cybersecurity Platform of choice for a growing number of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 businesses & organizations.
IncMan Incident Response
Cyber Incidents Under Control
Our Platform: IncMan is ranked as one of the most innovated incident response orchestration platform that empowers your Security Operations and CSIRT, so you can predict, detect, and respond to cybersecurity breaches – immediately.

IncMan is currently adopted by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 businesses and organizations worldwide. Functionally, it helps both Security Operations and C-Level Managers to achieve one of their main objectives: having cyber incidents under control.

With manual and automated response capability, IncMan allows your cybersecurity team to collaborate on how they utilize the active intelligence to shut down cyber incidents quickly and efficiently.

IncMan was designed and developed to:

● Provide maximum control over cybersecurity incidents and data breaches.
● Speed up your Incident Triage and response - improving team efficiency.
● Easily integrate with current CSIRT, SOC, and Forensic Investigators’ orchestration.
● Track, predict, and visualize cybersecurity incidents with our vivid dashboard.
● Integrate with forensic and response systems while efficiently gathering evidence.
● Produce the required statistical reports and metrics to share with both technical staff and C-level to clearly understand the breach.
● Reduce compliance and legal risks that come with doing business in the digital age.