Not If But When
Key Scenarios
One thing is clear in Incident Response: It is just a matter of time. Breaches will happen and the only way to reduce the risk and impact is to supervise when the issues will occur. We support three main End User Scenarios: SOC, Incident Response, and Cyber Forensics. IncMan NG can be deployed as a Virtual Machine and/or dedicated HW appliance, both with high availability and load balancing. We are proud to define IncMan as a highly scalable platform, multi-tenant and it can be integrated to Customer NAS and SAN.

DFLabs Provides Orchestration and Automation features, to automatically respond to incidents, speed up SOC activities, and improve user efficiency (Playbooks).

● DFlabs allows tracking of all details related to incidents artifacts and Forensic Investigations.
● Includes Playbooks to support workflows and course of actions.
● It guarantees Bi-directional integration with Cyber Threat Intelligence providers (es STIX).
● Supports over 50 third parties, including HP ArcSight, IBM Qradar, Splunk, McAfee, Encase Forensics and enterprise and many others.

It has been designed to meet the standards and best practices, such as ISO 27043, ISO 30121, ISO 27035, NIST, OASIS etc .