Optimizing Human Capital & Intelligence
IncMan allows cyber security teams to analyze and respond in real time.
Enterprise security teams need to simplify their response to cyber security incidents and data breaches. The integrity of an enterprise relies on their ability to respond quickly and efficiently when a breach occurs.

DFLabs created IncMan to empower enterprise security teams. IncMan allows human and technology resources to work cohesively, resulting in a more powerful orchestration response. IncMan also enables automated and live resources to reduce reaction time, turn down the noise generated by existing data sources (like SIEM), and perform selective intelligence sharing among SOC, CSIRT, and GOV/LEO.

At DFLabs, we know that machines must support humans, not replace them. Cyber security is too complex and dangerous to be handed over to bots and scripts. We call this balance between humans and machines Gradual Automation - the slow integration of new technology to enhance human response.

IncMan empowers cyber security teams with the right machines, empowering you while keeping you in control.