Manually responding to every incident is slow, ineffective, and potentially dangerous. With IncMan, you can automate your orchestration, response and reporting, allowing to proactively control of the situation before it becomes more critical.
Gradually Achieve Full Automation
Orchestrating Human Capital Resources & Actionable Intelligence
With IncMan, you can fully automate your orchestration, response and reporting, proactively putting you in control of the situation - before it’s too late.

Control over incidents is more than simply a software solution,
in addition to our best in class incident response platform we provide you with our customizable knowledge base, incident playbook set, professional services and consulting.

But we don’t stop there.
We incorporate secure, private intelligence sharing into our platform. We understand your cyber security team works faster and smarter when global intelligence is available in real-time. Additionally, incident data needs to be shared intelligently, selectively, actionably and cleared of confidential or proprietary information. IncMan supports anonymized intelligence sharing to ensure that your privacy is preserved and security is maintained during each step of the information sharing process.