Communication Preference Center

DFLabs Communication Preference Center  

Welcome to the DFLabs Communication Preference Center.

This page is designed to allow you opt-in to receive marketing related communications from DFLabs and enables you to manage your communication preferences with us, controlling your mailing content categories and selecting your preferred communication channels. You can modify and update your preferences or unsubscribe from all communications at any given time by using this page.

Consent and Preferences 


Through the form below, DFLabs asks for your explicit permission to continue communicating with you, as proscribed by the GDPR – the new EU data protection regulation. 

Permission Management

Please specify that you give DFLabs permission to communicate with you by checking the box below.


Communication Management

If you would like to receive future communications from us, please indicate the type of content you wish to receive and by which communication method, by selecting from the categories listed below. Remember that you can update your preferences at any time on this page.

Communication Channels



 Postal Mail


Content Categories

 Educational Content (including whitepapers, solution briefs, webinars, reports)

 Monthly Newsletters

 Company News and Updates (including events, product updates and latest PR announcements)



By clicking “Submit & Update” I understand and agree that the information I have provided will be used as described in the DFLabs Privacy Policy.  I confirm that the information I have provided is my own and I am aware that at any time I can change my communication preferences or unsubscribe from all DFLabs communications.