DFLabs at Borderless Cyber USA in New York 2017

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Borderless Cyber USA New York 2017

We invite you to visit us at Borderless Cyber USA 2017 in New York City on June 21-22, where our CEO Dario Forte and our VP of Professional Services Mike Fowler will show you how DFLabs IncMan – Security Automation and Orchestration Platform can help you to reduce your reaction time up to 80% with the help of Machine Learning and AI.

Borderless Cyber USA is a distinctive conference for cybersecurity stakeholders in the industries such as international business, financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, utilities, international business, government, among other industries. This year the conference will focus on changing the economics of computer network defense, and the program will explore the ways to reduce costs for defenders and increase costs for attackers. C-level executives and directors of threat intelligence, incident response, risk, and audit will learn how to better evaluate and defend their cyber practices.

Our CEO Dario Forte will take part in the panel “A Threat Intelligence sharing reality-check: How standard interfaces (such as STIX and TAXII) can reduce costs and time”on June 21 from 13:00-14:15h. There you will get the unique chance to hear his expert views and insights on:

- Why threat intelligence sharing is still a somewhat contentious discussion
- What the cybersecurity community should be doing to enable solutions like STIX and TAXII to succeed
- What is inhibiting organizations from adoption of these solutions
- What cybersecurity vendors are doing to help the effort
- Why organizations should continue to believe in information sharing and how to disprove contrary theories
- And how to convert challenges into positive achievements.

We will be at table 4, so feel free to stop by and meet our CEO and VP of Professional Services to talk about the latest developments in cybersecurity.

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