DFLabs' CEO Discusses the Current State of SOAR

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Endpoint security solution provider Palo Alto Networks yesterday announced their intention to acquire Demisto, a security orchestration and automation vendor. In light of this, DFLabs' CEO and founder Dario Forte shares his thoughts about the current state of the SOAR market:

“This acquisition by a leader in security threat detection and prevention like Palo Alto Networks demonstrates the increasing role and importance of security incident response within the IT security stack. For Palo Alto Networks and others, adding SOAR to their portfolio is the result of growing customer demand for these capabilities.

Savvy organizations recognize that breaches, no matter how many defensive mechanisms they have in place, are inevitable. One of the biggest requirements and challenges in deploying SOAR technology is integrating third party products like next generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks, SIEMs, etc. That's why DFLabs has developed a unique Open Architecture, which allows integrations to be built quickly with almost no coding.

This acquisition will open the door for increasing adoption of SOAR by organizations and managed service providers, as well as more acquisitions of other leading SOAR vendors.”

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