ITWeb Security Summit 2020: Five ways SOAR improves collaboration within SOC team

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Five ways SOAR improves collaboration within SOC team

In this article, Murray Benadie, the managing director of Zenith Systems talks about how SOAR can improve the collaboration within SOC teams and optimize their efficiency in detecting and containing cyber threats.

The first thing you need to do when you are creating an effective Security Operations Center (SOC) is to make sure that all of the team members cooperate seamlessly. This can be achieved with the software used by the SOC team which is easily understandable, accessible, and customizable; representing the next landmark in cyber security. The software described is employed in a SOAR technology.

Five main ways how SOAR can improve the work and communication in the SOC teams:

  • SOAR enhances the communication between every SOC team member
  • SOAR reduces incident response time by up to 10 times
  • SOAR effectively manages escalation to the SOC team
  • SOAR creates a centralized dashboard for a better perception of security operations
  • SOAR relies on an open architecture

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