Solution Packages: Logpoint in Search of MSP

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SIEM specialist Logpoint is driving integration with other products so its partners can design more comprehensive solutions. It has also revised its partner program to improve managed service providers.

With the latest version of its SIEM solution, Logpoint had also updated the associated UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) module in the fall, which detects unusual user behavior using machine learning. It is designed to help security officers investigate security-related events by linking them to the activities of users. This additional context allows for informed and quick decisions. In combination with new automation and orchestration functions, the workload of security analysts is reduced by up to 50 percent, the manufacturer promises.

Among the partners Logpoint works with is DFLabs, which is dedicated to the topic of Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR). The Italian manufacturer's solution manages the incident response processes for the alarms supplied by Logpoint and is intended to take away many manual and repetitive tasks for analysts in evaluating and initiating measures. For example, by automatically reapplying previously successful actions in similar events through machine learning.

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