Tufin Launches the Tufin Marketplace: Creating a Hub for Security Policy Apps and Extensions Across the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

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Tufin, the company that strives to maintain a policy-centric approach toward security and IT, has just launched the Tufin Marketplace, which is a hub for security policy apps and extensions where customers can discover apps across the entire cyber security ecosystem that have the potential to vastly enhance their cyber security posture.

Tufin also integrates with leading security solutions, including DFLabs, and this integration will mutually benefit customers by enhancing incident response processes. By including technologies that help improve protection, drive faster responses, and enable quicker detection, the Tufin Marketplace offers a rich variety of tools that specifically address the most contemporary needs and improve the overall value of their security policy management.

“Integrating with Tufin allows us to broaden our commitment to customers by enhancing incident response processes with network security intelligence to accelerate time to resolution,” said Michele Zambelli, CTO, DFLabs. “DFLabs IncMan uses data from the Tufin Orchestration Suite to provide network context when gathering actionable data across a wide range of security platforms when a security incident occurs. The result is a more optimized incident response process.”

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