Tufinnovate Awards For Top Performing Channel Partners

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Tufin’s Annual User & Partner Conference, Tufinnovate, recognized their Partners of the Year. The award went to the top performing channel partners that brought most value to their regions and joint customers during the past year. The winners were announced at Tufinnovate that was held in Barcelona on June 19-21 and in Boston on July 10-12.

The complexity of the modern enterprise networks makes it crucial for channel partners to ensure best-in-class network security orchestration solution in their portfolio. In order to achieve this, Tufin teamed up with more than 600 channel partners worldwide.

Tufin's two prominent programs are the Service Delivery Partner Program and Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program. The former enables their partners to be more services-ready, and the value is twofold - partners have the tools necessary to get additional service revenues, while offering clients best-in-class user experience through certified technical resources.

The latter opens a new avenue to meet customer's needs, by extending the abilities of the company's Orchestration Suite. With the addition of inaugural members Cybereason, Cyber Observer, DFLabs, Reposify, and Swimlane, Tufin Orchestration Suite can now address 4 new use cases: Security Incident Enrichment, Security Incident Response, Compliance, and Risk Assessment.

With these partners, Tufin has designed strong partner ecosystem that enables them to provide extensive solutions for security policy orchestration.

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