DFLabs Announces Availability of New Incident and Breach Response Playbook Set, Based on U.S. and EU Regulations

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New Incident and Breach Response Playbook Set

DFLabs has announced its new incident response playbook set called “IncMan RP,” based on the United States and EU regulations and industry standards. With this new set, customers will have immediate access to a large number of pre-built incident and data breach response actions to follow. The new IncMan playbook set contains automated and semi-automated workflows and procedures for responding to security incidents and privacy breaches. Also included are associated flow charts which show the movement of activities.

“This is the first playbook set in the market with such a large data set and flexibility, and it is able to be used in both large and mid-size corporations, directly or via MSSP,” said Dario Forte, founder and CEO of DFLabs. “With DFLabs’ IncMan, the security operations and incident response team will be able to automate both human and machine actions and have cyber incidents quickly under control.”

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