DFLabs Launches the First Security Automation and Orchestration Platform Based Upon Supervised Active Intelligence™

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DFLabs Launches the First Security Automation and Orchestration Platform

DFLabs, the leader in Security Automation and Orchestration Technology, announced today the launch of a landmark release of its flagship platform, IncMan SOAR 4.0. With IncMan 4.0, DFLabs delivers on its vision for Supervised Active Intelligence™ (SAI) driven by the industry’s first Dual Mode Playbooks (Machine-to-Human and/or Machine-to-Machine). IncMan includes more than 100 of playbooks – based on U.S. and UE international industry regulations (including GDPR), standards and best practices. These incident response playbooks are automatically assigned and dynamically applied to an incident to provide the SOC and Incident Response teams full control of the situation until they are ready for the next step, at which point the machine learning algorithm takes over the process and brings the organization to the next level of automation.

“Progress of enterprise security organizations towards orchestration spanning multiple functional teams is advanced in part by deep, console-based platforms,” said Dan Cummins, Senior Analyst Security, 451 Research. “SOC product buyers should focus not only on acquiring programmable, process-centric expertise of current practitioners but also on establishing an agile foundation to meet future cyber security risks as well.”

“CISO’s are under heavy scrutiny and pressure to adopt the latest innovation in security automation, yet they are not ready to suddenly and irreversibly replace humans with technology. They must have the ability for their security teams to supervise the intelligent role of the machine – at least at the beginning of their journey,” said Dario Forte, Founder and CEO, DFLabs and internationally recognized ISO standards expert. “This is the basis for the design and development of our Supervised Active Intelligence paradigm that we believe is the only effective path to full automation.”

“Automation and machine learning are in strong demand in InfoSec. On the other hand, we should not forget that Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence are still relatively new to get applied in businesses. Model design is crucial to consider social factors, human judgment on values, and sensitivity for possible bias. That’s why a guided path to full automation could be advisable, especially for critical applications such as security operations,” said Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach, Advisory Board Member of DFlabs.

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