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/ 23 Jan 2019

DFLabs is proud to announce its Community Development Incentive (CDI) Program which rewards and encourages the sharing of innovations for the DFLabs IncMan SOAR platform.Our CDI Program extends the company’s recent initiatives to foster an open approach to security orchestration, including an Open Integration Framework for linking third party security tools and actions, a free IncMan SOAR (CE) Community Edition and a Community Portal with developer resources and a forum.Dario Forte, the CEO of DFLabs, stated: “We firmly believe that a shared approach to security integrations and knowledge transfer will enable organizations to implement increasingly more automated incident response workflows to limit the impact of threats, that’s why we created the DFLabs CDI Program and are committed to making DFLabs IncMan the most open SOAR architecture in the industry.”You can read the full article hereRead article

/ 13 Dec 2018

We are excited to announce that today we released our IncMan SOAR Community Edition (IncMan CE), a free version of our award-winning SOAR platform that allows organizations to test and experience the benefits of automated incident response in pre-production environments. IncMan CE provides integration with third-party security tools and gives access to DFLabs patent-pending R3 Rapid Response Runbooks for unattended automation of repetitive security alert processing and assessment tasks.IncMan CE is available to verified users through the new DFLabs Community Portal, including educational institutions, research groups and businesses interested in evaluating IncMan SOAR for purchase. Triage and Correlation modules are not included in IncMan CE.You can read the full article hereRead article

/ 12 Nov 2018

DFLabs’ founder and CEO, Dario Forte, will present a session on how security automation enables SOCs (Security Operations Centers) to address the cybersecurity skills gap at Black Hat Europe 2018.Dario Forte will cut through the hype with real world examples of how security automation and orchestration addresses shortage of skilled experts. At this event DFLabs will also demonstrate its IncMan SOAR product at Booth #1008.You can read the full article hereRead article

/ 07 Nov 2018

DFLabs SOAR has released a new version of the IncMan SOAR platform that provides an open integration framework for customizing and adding new automated integrations between security tools and IncMan SOAR, without the need for complex coding. This capability enables security teams to easily add and orchestrate new functions between IncMan SOAR and third party products in order to address unique requirements and workflows.Organizations can now extend the current IncMan SOAR product integrations with new functions they require. For example, an enterprise using a vulnerability assessment tool may want to exclude a legacy application from being scanned due to concerns it may cause unexpected failures. A specific action, which would prevent custom scans of the application from automatically being initiated through an IncMan Runbook, can be added in just minutes.“Every IT environment is unique and has different requirements when it comes to automation of security actions,” said Michele Zambelli, CTO of DFLabs. “The IncMan SOAR open integration framework replaces the proprietary vendor orchestration model between security tools with a new open approach that puts enterprises and MSSPs in complete control of which actions they want, and don’t want, to automate for incident response.”DFLabs IncMan SOAR version 4.5 with the open integration framework is available immediately from DFLabs and its business partners worldwide.You can read the full article hereRead article

/ 26 Sep 2018

DFLabs’ Senior Product Manager and security operations and incident response expert, John Moran will present a session on how to overcome the roadblocks of security automation at Borderless Cyber USA 2018 in Washington, D.C on Wednesday, October 3, 2018, at 10:00-10:30 AM EDT.In this session, Moran will use real-world incident response and computer forensic cases to explain when, where and how software can be used to safely remediate cyber threats.He will also present best practices for developing an incident response program, assessing SOC automation and orchestration needs, and implementing SOAR solutions to automate incident response workflows and case management.You can read the full article hereRead article

/ 11 Sep 2018

DFLabs, the pioneer in Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), is pleased to announce the appointment of security industry veteran Tito Avila as Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development. Over his 20 year career, Toto Avila has helped build and manage sales teams for multinational telecom and enterprise security vendors including Fortinet and others.Dario Forte, Founder and CEO of DFLabs, said: “We are pleased to welcome Tito Avila to the DFLabs management team. He has the international and domain experience to help DFLabs aggressively grow our market share, enter new markets and build a global sales organization.”Tito joins DFLabs from a leading Internet and application security company, where he was VP of Sales for the Americas and EMEA. He was previously Director of Carrier and Service Provider Sales for network security vendor Fortinet, where he managed carrier/ISP sales across Latin America.You can read the full article hereRead article


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