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DFLabs / 12 Mar 2018

DFLabs Raises the Bar for Responding to and Containing Security Incidents with Machine-based Automation

New version of IncMan SOAR platform uses granular risk factors to create customized runbooks that orchestrate workflows for SOC and CSIRT.

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DFLabs / 6 Feb 2018

DFLabs Doubles Revenues, Raises Additional Financing and Expands Footprint in US and EMEA in 2017

We are proud to announce that DFLabs is growing more and more rapidly on a global level, as enterprises and investors are recognizing the real need and demand for incident response and cybersecurity readiness.

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DFLabs / 16 Jan 2018

DFLabs Wins Two Platinum Awards for Cybersecurity in the 2017 GSN Homeland Security Awards

DFLabs has received platinum awards in two separate cybersecurity categories of the 2017 GSN Homeland Security Awards. IncMan took first place in the Best Continuous Monitoring & Mitigation and Best Cyber Operational Risk Intelligence Solution categories.

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DFLabs / 30 Nov 2017

DFLabs at Black Hat Europe 2017: Unveiling The Roadblocks to Cyber Security Automation and Orchestration

DFLabs at Black Hat Europe 2017: what's holding back organizations to implement software-based Incident Response

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DFLabs / 6 Nov 2017

DFLabs CEO and Founder, Dario Forte to Take Part in the Panel "Building and Achieving a World Class Incident Response Capability" at SINET Showcase

DFLabs Founder and CEO, Dario Forte will be attending the SINET Showcase Conference in Washington DC

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DFLabs / 22 Oct 2017

DFLabs to Present Session on What’s Holding Back Security Automation at European Cyber Threat Summit

Oliver Rochford, DFLabs' VP of Security Evangelism will be presenting at the European Cyber Threat Summit 2017 in Dublin, Ireland

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