Relying on IncMan SOAR’s Novel Contemporary Capabilities to Successfully Transition the OT-IT Convergence

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IncMan SOAR’s Novel Contemporary Capabilities

DFLabs, the award-winning Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) vendor proudly presents its new selection of capabilities for OT and IoT. By acting as connective tissue among IT and OT SecOps, IncMan SOAR utilizes its highly interactive nature to provide its clients and partners with enhanced means of running their cyber security operations.

Thanks to its unique capabilities in the cyber security domain, IncMan SOAR positions itself as the perfect technology to overcome the obstacles that arise from the OT-IT convergence:

  • Extend SOC- Automation capabilities to the OT network.
  • Easily escalate to different teams/persons and allow multiple analysts to work simultaneously on incidents.
  • Utilize the Instant Alarm Enrichment capability that provides essential information in order to make well-informed decisions to remediate incidents.
  • Using DFLabs’ Patent Pending Machine Learning to identify similar incidents and use deduplication to merge them, applying proper countermeasures.
  • KPI dashboard for analysts, SOC managers, CISOs, audit managers, and OT managers to properly analyze relevant data, measure success, and assess potential business risks.
  • Improve and control SOP for industrial environments.
  • Allow analysts to apply recommended measures based on the best practices.

IncMan SOAR provides a centralized platform for IT and OT to collaborate and collect all the necessary data regarding potential cyber threats. Additionally, in an all-in-one platform, IncMan SOAR improves the response time, generates accurate KPIs, includes context enrichment, and assigns the right people to make well-informed decisions based on thorough analysis. “DFLabs' IncMan SOAR is the first in the industry to apply specific use cases that address the OT-IT convergence, confirming our focus and dedication to continuous innovation,” said Dario Forte, Founder, and CEO of DFLabs.

About DFLabs

DFLabs is an award-winning and recognized global leader in security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) technology. The company’s management team has helped shape the cyber security industry, which includes co-editing several industry standards such as ISO 27043 and ISO 30121. Its flagship product, IncMan SOAR, is multi-patented, and it has been adopted by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations worldwide. DFLabs has operations in EMEA Americas and APAC. For more information, visit

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