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As a leader in your SecOps team, your primary goal is to keep your organization safe — fight cyberattacks, minimize risk, and respond to alerts faster than they come in.

In fact, in a perfect world, you’d respond to every single alert so nothing gets missed.

But, there’s a problem.

Keeping Your Organization Safe Is Not Easy

We have seen the common difficulties organizations face when it comes to managing attacks to their environment:

  • Qualified staff is scarce, making it a priority to optimize performance.
  • Cyber attacks evolve constantly, complicating the creation of standard procedures.
  • Recognizing real dangers is difficult and wastes a lot of analysts’ time.
  • Incident response activities often take too long after initial detection.
  • Lack of automation means that analysts are performing manual and repetitive tasks.

We believe there is a better way to secure your organization.

We’ve Been There, Too

We’ve experienced these problems ourselves. This is why Dario Forte founded DFLabs and put together the best cybersecurity team in the industry: to solve the problems we’d experienced within security operations and incident response.

DFLabs was founded in 2003 and members of our team have been working in the cybersecurity industry since the early days of the internet. Our management and advisory team is composed of seasoned leaders from the government and private sector, including the EU, Accenture, Deutsche Bank and Guidance Software.

We are recognized for shaping the cyber security industry.

Our experience in the security operations field includes contributing to industry standards such as ISO 27043, ISO 27035 and ISO 30121. We also engineered one of the first technical implementations of RFC 5070 (IETF). And we’re the only SOAR vendor with multiple technology patents.

We are proud to be the only European-based SOAR vendor, headquartered in Milan, Italy, with global operations throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

DFLabs’ IncMan SOAR platform is the culmination of all this knowledge and experience, combined into a user-friendly, incredibly effective security orchestration, automation, and response solution.

IncMan SOAR Helps You Focus on the Cyber Threats That Really Matter

IncMan SOAR platform incorporates automation and orchestration, incident response and threat intelligence capabilities in a single, intuitive platform.

This enables SOCs, CSIRTs and MSSPs to manage, measure and orchestrate complex security operations tasks and incident response processes. Manage everything from security incident qualification, triage and escalation, threat hunting and investigation, to threat containment and mitigation.

  • Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your SecOps team
  • Minimize the time from breach discovery to resolution
  • Increase the return on investment for existing security technologies
  • Orchestrate, automate and measure security operations and incident response


Optimize Your SecOps With IncMan SOAR

DFLabs’ IncMan SOAR is designed for SOCs, CSIRTs and MSSPs to automate, orchestrate and measure security operations and incident response processes and tasks, all from within one single, intuitive platform.

IncMan SOAR’s open architecture allows you to optimize the use of your current systems, which makes your network more secure, helps your team work more effectively and efficiently, and helps you further maximize your investment.

Through consultation and collaboration, we take ownership of your SecOps goals, from POC to production, to improve your overall security program.

Integrate IncMan SOAR Into Your Current Cyber Security System

Stop paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for analysts to manually respond to alerts.

Every alert your analysts have to manually identify is a waste of their time and your resources.

IncMan SOAR helps you sort through alerts and reduce false positives so you can properly respond to real cyber attacks effectively.

Take Charge of Your Security Operations with IncMan SOAR.

Be confident in your Security Operations and Incident Response.

Learn how IncMan SOAR helps you to:

  • Improve your response time by up to 80% with fully and semi-automated Incident Response
  • See a substantial return on investment — for the cost of about one analyst per year, you can 10x your SecOps productivity
  • Know which information, tasks, and alerts are actionable
  • Respond to every single alert as it arrives in real-time so that no threats are left unattended
  • Utilize your human resources and existing tools more effectively.

See our IncMan SOAR in action.

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