IncMan SOAR for GDPR

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response for GDPR.

Meet the GDPR Breach Notification Requirements with SOAR

DFLabs is the only European SOAR vendor focused on GDPR. Its IncMan SOAR platform enables organizations that must be compliant with the GDPR to adhere to breach notification requirements by automating associated processes, prioritize incident response actions, manage notification distribution and subsequent documentation for any incident.

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Why GDPR Should Matter to You?

The main goal of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to ensure transparency, security and accountability by data controllers. It applies to all data processors, stipulating that they have to implement specific procedures and processes that are ultimately aimed at protecting data and consumer privacy, as well as ensuring an effective and timely response by organizations in the event of a data breach. Organizations that do not adhere to the GDPR requirements can be subject to severe fines and other consequences.

GDPR Requirements.

What Data Processors Must Do

Establish formalized incident response procedures

Implement an internal breach notification process

Communicate the personal data breach to the data subject without delay

Notify supervisory authority within 72 hours

Be compliant or face a fine of up to EUR 20M or 4% of annual turnover

How We Can Help You Meet GDPR Requirements.

DFLabs’ SOAR solution provides capabilities to automate and prioritize incident response and related enrichment and containment tasks, distribute appropriate notifications and implement an incident response plan (IRP) in case of a potential data breach. IncMan SOAR handles different stages of the incident response and breach notification process, including providing advanced reporting capabilities with appropriate metrics and the ability to gather or share intelligence securely with third parties.

Demonstrating Compliance

Integrated GDPR incident response and breach notification playbooks

Formalized, repeatable and enforceable incident response workflows for GDPR

Achieving Breach Notification Requirements

Content enrichment and threat analysis capabilities

Gather intelligence from various sources and securely share information with 3rd parties

IncMan SOAR Features & Benefits for GDPR.

  • Customizable ands linear semi-automation for stage 1 (basic) use cases
  • Checklists of required steps and actions to successfully respond to specific incidents
  • Individual actions and steps can be automated
  • Machine-learning driven selection of applicable playbooks
  • Automatically correlated and re-applied across tenants in multi-user environments
  • Focus on GDPR breach notification and other data breach regulations
  • Strong forensic capabilities

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