DFLabs Featured in the Latest IT Digital Security’s Whitepaper

Posted byMimoza Naumovska - 10th Oct 2018
digital security

DFLabs’ CEO, Dario Forte, recently discussed the benefits of lncMan SOAR in detail for IT Digital Security’s latest whitepaper. Explaining the core functions that Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solutions should provide, he added that the main challenge a company faces when adopting a SOAR solution is having a knowledgeable security team in place.

Moreover, when asked what drives companies to adopt a SOAR solution, he states: “To help them detect, respond to, contain and remediate cyber security incidents with fewer human resources, which are scarce and expensive, by automating analysis and decision-making processes using machine learning software.”

The white paper was originally published by IT Digital Security in Spanish. SOAR is featured on pages 55-65. You can read it here.