8 Key Ways Security Automation and Orchestration Tools Transform Security Operations

In the attempt to stay ahead of cyberattackers, more and more companies turn to a new category of security tools: security automation and orchestration solutions.

Gartner, which named the products as Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solutions, reported that less than 1 percent of businesses with more than five IT security professionals were using SOAR tools by the end of last year. Furthermore, the firm predicts that by 2020, 15 percent of those organizations will be using the tools.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) found somewhat higher numbers of enterprises using SOAR tools. According to their research, “19 percent of enterprise organizations have adopted security operations automation and orchestration technologies extensively, 39 percent have done so on a limited basis, and 26 percent are currently engaged in a project to automate/orchestrate security operations.”

DFLabs has been listed among the leading security automation and orchestration vendors around the globe.

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DFLabs’ Senior Product Manager John Moran Explains SOAR Technology at TF7 Radio

DFLabs Senior Product Manager, John Moran, joined George Rettas on Task Force 7 Radio to discuss the facets of security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) technology.

Speaking if automation can be a game-changer, among other subjects, John Moran said, “Organizations stumble when they don’t’ look at automation as an enabler, but as a replacement for their staff. We’re not there, that’s the wrong approach. If organizations approach automation with that replacement mentality, they (likely) won’t see the results they’re hoping to achieve.”

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DFLabs @CSOonline: The Evolution of Security Operations, Automation and Orchestration

The market for security operations, automation and orchestration – SOAR technology is rapidly evolving and maturing and so are the SOAR offerings. Enterprise organizations are embracing security orchestration, automation and response technologies. DFLabs IncMan has been listed as one of the top SOAR vendors in the market in the new article by CSOonline, titled “The evolution of security operations, automation and orchestration“, written by Jon Oltsik.

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