DFLabs’ Most Popular SOAR Webinars

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After witnessing so many hacks and data breaches over the past 12 months, organizations realized that it is easier than ever to fall victim to a cyber-attack that will compromise their network. Such incidents made Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) become the most important tool for the security operations center toolbox. As a result, SOAR has become the buzzword in the cyber security space and the game-changer in the fight against cyber security threats. To illustrate the importance of a comprehensive SOAR solution and the significant benefits it can deliver to a business, our team at DFLabs produced over 20 SOAR webinars covering a broad spectrum of topics.

List of DFLabs’s most popular SOAR webinars

  • “How to Successfully Evaluate SOAR Solutions”

This webinar covers the core capabilities and functions that a full SOAR solution should entail, a list of criteria that need to be taken into consideration when evaluating a SOAR solution and vendor and frequent security operations problems that a SOAR solution solves. Additionally, it includes best practices on how DFLabs’ IncMan SOAR is flexible to adapt to any use cases, even those outside the traditional security operations space and help customers deal with their crucial security issues.

Watch this webinar on-demand here.

  • “Achieving SOC Excellence with Security Orchestration and Automation”

In this video, we provide an overview of the results from the SANS SOC Survey 2019 Report. We use this publication as a foundation to elaborate on how implementing effective orchestration and automation through the use of a SOAR solution, can help clients overcome various common security operations pain points and improve their SOC’s operational performance and success. In this session, we look at the unique features and capabilities of DFLabs’ IncMan SOAR platform through a short demo.

Watch this webinar on-demand here.

  • “Tackling the Top 5 Incident Response Challenges with SOAR”

Shortage of qualified staff and skills set, lack of budget for innovative tools and technology, poorly defined processes and owners, organizational silos between incident response and other groups or between data sources and tasks and lack of integration with other security and monitoring tools are the top 5 incident response challenges covered in this webinar. In this session, we also elaborate on why with a purpose to overcome these challenges, organizations today are gradually turning to the capabilities of a SOAR technology to help.

Watch this webinar on-demand here.

  • “IncMan SOAR: Developing Next-Generation Security Operations”

This webinar goes deep into the key components of SOAR, the key benefits it has to offer for SecOps and pain points it can solve. In this video, we provide you with insights from DFLabs’ SOAR solution in action and how the comprehensive features and capabilities of IncMan can convert your security operations and incident response programs and help them keep up with the next-generation cyber threats.

Watch this webinar on-demand here.

  • “The Evolution of SOAR: Meeting and Exceeding Gartner’s Expectations with DFLabs”

In this video, we go into detail about the evolution of SOAR and the key requirements a SOAR solution must meet by reviewing Gartner’s recommendations when implementing a full SOAR solution. In parallel, we examine how DFLabs meets and exceeds Gartner’s SOAR criteria by unraveling the essential customer’s pain points and the industry’s evolving expectations.

Watch this webinar on-demand here.

  • “The Marriage Between SIEM and SOAR”

The purpose of this webinar is to illustrate the differences between SIEM and SOAR and the problems they can solve by joining forces. Also, we focus on how utilizing a SOAR solution can leverage your existing SIEM tool to provide substantial value to your security program. Additionally, we discuss the role of SOAR as an independent platform and its ability to combat the ever-increasing number of security alerts SecOps teams struggle with.

Watch this webinar on-demand here.


As we dive into 2020, we created many on-demand SOAR webinars to watch at your disposal. And if you would like to get the chance to discover how DFLabs’ IncMan SOAR can rapidly become an essential part of your security operations center, please get in touch with us here.

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