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DFLabs proudly announces its new Community Portal for all its customers, which is the result of the efforts to increase community involvement and customer interaction. This Portal will serve as a hub for customers, where they can get the latest information and support from DFLabs and interact with other customers.

Moreover, this Community Portal aims to provide an cooperation ecosystem for companies and organizations, where they can share integrations of security tools and IncMan SOAR. This approach will enable our customers to tackle specific use cases by uploading or downloading integration files from the Portal to IncMan SOAR.

Below are some of the new features and highlights of the DFLabs Community Portal:

Community Forums

Having the new Community Portal at disposal, IncMan SOAR customers can now easily post and share integrations they created with the use of our Open Integration Network. Customers can now search by product name and keywords to find integrations by other customers. The integration files downloaded from the portal can be directly uploaded into IncMan instances.

This type of collaboration will enable our customers to address particular use cases that are solved by other companies and organizations. If a customer wants to use and open source log management tool or a specific provider, they can find these integrations with IncMan SOAR, and moreover, all the other relevant actions available on the portal.

Our Community Portal enables users not only to share custom product integrations, but also to upload Playbooks for phishing response, malware reversing, breach notifications etc., scripts or contributions for automation of incident response workflows. Similar to product integrations, these can be searched and be available for comments and discussions.

Searchable Knowledge Base and FAQs

Searchable Knowledge Base articles and FAQs provide immediate answers to some of the most frequent questions and tasks within IncMan.

Access to the Latest Files and Documentation

Another feature of the Community Portal is the access to all of the latest IncMan files and documentation, including virtual machines, service packs, manuals, guides and change logs right from the Community Portal.

Access to DFLabs’ Framework Integrations

Customers can now get instant access to the latest integrations by DFLabs in the Open Integration Framework. All integrations developed by DFLabs in the Open Integration Framework can be searched and will be available for download from the Community Portal.

Instant Access to DFLabs Support

Customers can now contact the DFLabs support team instantly via the support section of the Community Portal to ask questions, get help, or submit feature requests. Users will now be able to easily request support, upload attachments and monitor the status of their support request through the Community Portal.

Current DFLabs customers can sign up for a Community Portal account today at

Stay tuned to our blog content and social media accounts for more exciting community announcements in the following weeks!

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