SOAR to SecOps Success at SCS Conference with DFLabs and Orion Instruments Polska

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Security Case Study (SCS) 2019 Conference is taking place this week and DFLabs is once again excited to be participating at this conference with its local partner in the region, Orion Instruments Polska. Hosted at the Sound Garden Inn in Warsaw from 12th-13th September, the SCS Conference consists of presentations from leading experts and authorities from around the world in the cybersecurity industry, including from both DFLabs and Orion. It also provides the opportunity for individuals to meet with participating vendors who will be showcasing their solutions, and highlighting what problems they can help to solve in the space.

With the number of cyber threats affecting our organizations only likely to continue to increase, together DFLabs and Orion will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with the audience at the SCS Conference around the topic of Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), and how utilizing a SOAR solution can help to overcome some of the most common challenges and pain points facing our security operations and incident response teams today.

As well as participating in this two day event, DFLabs will be hosting an in-depth SOAR workshop on 11th September from 8am-2pm ahead of the SCS Conference at the same venue (Sound Garden Inn), with the aim to take a deep dive into what SOAR really is, its core components and the unique features and capabilities of its IncMAN SOAR platform. If you attend all three SOAR tracks from DFLabs and Orion during the SCS Conference, you will be eligible for an exclusive SOAR consultation package to begin your security operations transformation journey. If you have an upcoming SOAR project, here are the three SOAR tracks to not miss!


  • Deep Dive SOAR Workshop - 11th Sept, 8am-2pm (Sound Garden Inn)

Hosted by Victor Popsecu, Solutions Engineer at DFLabs

The aim of this workshop is to provide cybersecurity professionals with theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience of a SOAR solution and how it can help to overcome common security operations and incident response challenges and pain points which are being faced today. These challenges include, but are not limited to, a growing volume of alerts, increased workloads and repetitive tasks, a shortage and competition for skilled analysts, a lack of knowledge transfer, as well as more and more disparate tools and technologies being added to the security tool stack.

The main reason why organizations are increasingly implementing a SOAR solution is to ultimately improve their incident response efficiency and effectiveness, by seamlessly orchestrating and automating their security operations and incident response processes and tasks. SOAR acts as a force multiplier for security teams, enabling them to do more with less. It helps to reduce the risk resulting from incidents, while increasing the return on investment for existing security technologies, also enabling organizations to meet legal and regulatory compliance.

Covering the basic principles to more in-depth processes, the workshop will discuss and demonstrate how a SOAR solution works, showcase a number of essential features and functionality, highlight its capabilities, as well as show how it seamlessly fits within an organizations’ existing security tool stack and environment.

Experience for yourself the benefits of automated and orchestrated security operations and incident response, enabling every security incident to be detected, responded to and remediated in the fastest possible time frame, before becoming a full-on security breach, improving overall operational performance.

  • The Marriage Between SIEM and SOAR - 12th Sept at 12.20pm (SCS OPEN – Symphony Area)

Hosted by Dario Forte, CEO & Founder at DFLabs

With the growing number of tools and technologies being used within security operations to combat the ever-increasing number of security alerts being received, there is still much confusion about what their specific uses and purposes are in order to achieve operational efficiency and effective incident response. Presented by one of the pioneering leaders within the SOAR market, this session will illustrate the functions of SIEM and SOAR, their requirements within security operations, and how utilizing a SOAR solution can leverage your existing SIEM tool to provide significant value to your security program.

  • Bound to SOAR - Selection and Implementation of the System - 12th Sept at 3pm (SCS Elevator Pitch Area)

Hosted by Piotr Brogowski, CEO and Vice President of Cybersecurity at Orion Instruments Polska

According to Gartner’s recent market report, “by year-end 2022, 30% of organizations with a security team larger than five people will leverage SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) tools in their security operations.” The main goal of implementing SOAR is to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organization’s security program. It will be possible to achieve this if you use the full potential of the implemented system. However, no two SOAR solutions are the same. The key issue is how to properly choose and implement such a system, what to pay special attention to and what pitfalls to avoid. Clients should recall that the selection of the right SOAR solution will depend on their individual requirements and use cases, and defining the appropriate principal criteria guiding the process, from initial evaluation to deployment and project completion.

Attend all 3 SOAR tracks at SCS to receive an exclusive SOAR consultation offer!

After the event as part of an exclusive SOAR consultation package with a comprehensive benefits package, discuss your existing security operations processes, pain points, use cases and receive free training on how to integrate your existing tools and develop your own integrations, consisting of 12 hours with our experts. Plus, receive support during a POC, as well as a sizable discount, should you wish to purchase IncMan SOAR in the next 12 months.

The time for implementing a Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution is now. Ensure your security operations team can prioritize and respond to the threats that really matter.

In order to participate, sign up to attend the SCS Conference from 12th-13th September and register for the SOAR Workshop on 11th September now.

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