Top 5 SOAR Implementation Myths Debunked

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Security automation quickly transformed from a luxury to a necessity for enterprises. While there are precise benefits connected with implementing a SOAR solution, there are also many myths and misconceptions that remain. It’s up to security operations teams to evaluate the pros and cons and the overall impacts of SOAR solutions in their enterprises.

Myth 1: A SOAR Solution Will Replace Security Operations Teams

Myth Debunked:

Many security professionals assume that implementing a SOAR solution in their enterprise will completely replace their jobs. There is no doubt that security automation and orchestration will have an impact on human jobs, but can never replace them completely. On the other hand, at the core of automating processes is reducing the time spent on mundane tasks. As a result, security teams have additional time to strategize and focus on the bigger picture.

SOAR technology will boost productivity and improve service quality – but it can never completely replace the impact of human beings. Certains tasks will continue to be too sensitive for unsupervised automation and need to have manual approval processes baked in. Thus, deploying an entire SOAR solution through automation and orchestration is impossible and it will always require human intervention.

Myth 2: Implementing SOAR Solutions is Extremely Expensive

Myth Debunked:

When evaluating the benefits of a SOAR product, cost-effectiveness is one of the major concerns for organizations. Like any other security products or services, there are tons of tools available nowadays, and some of them can be more expensive than others.

Adopting security automation should be viewed as an investment that assists your infrastructure in the long-run. Therefore, before dismissing a SOAR option, organizations should consider the bigger picture and all the time and money automation can save them.

Myth 3: Security Operations Teams Have No Control Over Automation

Myth Debunked:

Unfortunately, some security engineers assume that the moment they implement SOAR solution, they will lose all control over their SOCs. They believe that once they automate a process, there is no way back to retrieve the control over it.

In fact, when utilizing a SOAR product, enterprises can apply as much or as little control as they would like. To make the security process more streamlined and controlled, organizations can incorporate actions that require human intervention to ensure that they will achieve the perfect balance of automation.

Myth 4: It is Almost Impossible to Automate a Complex Environment

Myth Debunked:

There is a saying that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. The same goes when implementing a SOAR platform. Many security specialists assume that automating a complex infrastructure is nearly impossible. Luckily, in reality, it is the most complex systems like these that benefit the most from SOAR.

Of course, this is by no means something that can quickly be fixed. In order to define the most effective automation path, security processes need to be streamlined and divided into small groups. Therefore, breaking the infrastructure down into smaller pieces will help enterprises more successfully automate their data centers.

Many large global enterprises have already implemented SOAR successfully, proving that no environment is too complex for automation.

Myth 5: Automation will Reduce Manual Decision-Making

Myth Debunked:

Since every Security Operations Center is unique with its own people, processes, and technologies, there is no solution that will work entirely out-of-the-box. This is the part where many organizations misinterpret the meaning of automating security processes. They wrongly assume that implementing a security orchestration, automation and response tool means complete elimination of manual decision-making and security management. Even with the workflows being automated, security teams should continuously track and analyze the data.

Moreover, organizations still need to do regular check-ups with customers in case they need to assist any concerns or ad-hoc requests that programmed workflows are not capable of handling. Even with automating with a SOAR platform, technical supervision and user guidance are more than required.


Adversaries have adopted automation into their arsenal of intrusion tactics. In order for organizations to combat this growing threat, they must also build automation into their security defenses. But, to encourage the successful implementation of security automation and orchestration, myths need to be debunked.

Until now, there should be no doubt that if applied in the right way, automation is a powerful tool. It is never too late to automate your infrastructure and watch your enterprise soar.

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