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If you missed our live webinar dates, don’t worry. View our archive of previous webinars, available to view on-demand at any time, covering a range of topics including the latest challenges, product overviews and our integration partnerships.

Creating a Winning Security Strategy for 2019

CISOs are in the spotlight and are looking to build the best strategy to secure their organizations, customers and users.

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DFLabs IncMan SOAR Platform V4.5: Open Integration Framework and More

The latest release of DFLabs IncMan SOAR platform v4.5 includes a range of additional and enhanced features and capabilities highly focused around delivering a more open, extensible and community-oriented solution.

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Utilizing Recorded Future Threat Intelligence Within DFLabs SOAR Solution

DFLabs integration with Recorded Future’s threat intelligence platform enables simplified and automated information gathering and sharing to provide investigators with crucial details and context surrounding a potential incident.

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DFLabs IncMan Product Overview

By joining this webinar you will have the opportunity to discover DFLabs IncMan and how our solution can help you to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations and improve the performance of your overall security program.

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Using Threat Intelligence Effectively in Security Automation and Orchestration - A DFLabs and Cisco Use Case

Combining the vast capabilities of Cisco’s suite of security products, with the orchestration and automation power of DFLabs’ IncMan SOAR platform, allows organizations to respond to potential security incidents, with unmatched speed and accuracy.

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How to Facilitate Knowledge Transfer within SecOps Utilizing SOAR Technology

Learn about the benefits of implementing a SOAR solution to help ensure that your organization’s knowledge is consistently and accurately retained, used and transferred, while simultaneously contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire incident response process.

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