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IncMan SOAR Uses Cases


Read and Learn With Our Practical Use Cases.

Our experts have documented a variety of practical use cases for different types of scenarios including malware and phishing. Read more here.

Heather Hixon / 25 Apr 2019

IncMan SOAR Use Case: Malicious File Download

This use case allows the security team to be automatically notified once an incident has been confirmed as valid, preventing valuable time from being wasted by analysts triaging an event.  

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Heather Hixon / 17 Apr 2019

Compromised Internal Host in a Hybrid Environment

Learn how to use IncMan SOAR’s integrations and R3 Rapid Response Runbooks to quickly gather incident data from across diverse hybrid-cloud environments.

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Cody Mercer / 4 Mar 2019

IncMan SOAR’s Use of Threat Intelligence and the Value of Correlation

For threat intelligence to be effective it has to meet 3 tenants which are actionable, timely and confirmed. The acronym that we like to use is ‘ACT’.

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Cody Mercer / 28 Jan 2019

PII Breach Prevention Through IncMan SOAR’s Automation Technology

PII breaches are prevalent within cyber security attacks. Here's an extensive use case which illustrates these type of attacks for better understanding.

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Heather Hixon / 9 Nov 2018

Potential Phishing Attempt

This use case will demonstrate how to utilize IncMan SOAR’s integrations and R3 Rapid Response Runbooks to quickly alert the security team to a potential phishing attack.

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John Moran / 3 Jul 2018

LogPoint SIEM Integration

This use case demonstrates how to use IncMan SOAR’s integration with LogPoint and R3 Rapid Response Runbooks to quickly respond to an alert indicating potentially malicious network traffic.

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