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  • Rapidly respond to cybersecurity alerts
  • 10x your SecOps productivity
  • Minimize the impact of incidents
  • Easily integrate with your current ecosystem

Overwhelmed by the Number of Cyber Attacks Hitting Your Network?

IncMan SOAR Platform helps you with

  • Threat Intelligence Gathering
  • Triage and Notification
  • Hunting and Investigating
  • Evidence Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Context Enrichment
  • Threat Containment
  • Reporting and KPIs

Manually Responding to Cyber Security Alerts Is Ineffective

  • Analysts’ time is wasted on repetitive tasks, reducing productivity
  • Cyber threats keep evolving, making it hard to keep up
  • Sorting through alerts manually is inefficient
  • Managing alerts individually increases time of response

Your team is frustrated and not working efficiently.

It’s Time to Stop Wasting Resources

  • We partner with your team to help you succeed
  • Dramatically reduce the number of false positives
  • Customize IncMan SOAR to work with your current tools and technologies

IncMan SOAR Helps You Recognize Threats and Properly Respond to Real Cyber Attacks

  • Detect and investigate alerts

    Collect incoming alerts and validate threat levels.

  • Reduce false positives

    Triage alerts to identify actual attacks and reduce the noise.

  • Respond to attacks in less time

    Progressive automated actions permit analysts to save time & focalize on real threats.

  • Measure success

    Effectively track KPIs and business risk.

The Only SOAR Platform Capable of Full Incident Lifecycle Automation

IncMan SOAR allows you to fully automate the triage, investigation, and containment of threats.

Automate: Automate repetitive tasks, alleviating your analysts’ workload and allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Orchestrate: IncMan SOAR is the only platform to offer full incident response lifecycle management with machine learning and threat hunting.

Measure: IncMan SOAR’s customizable dashboards and widgets display a range of KPIs and metrics utilizing its integrated reporting engines and templates.

Pioneers in SOAR Technology

With more than 20 years of experience, we’ve been able to effectively build tools and solutions SecOps teams rely on. We’ve helped improve security in multiple industries and across different organizations, including Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises, managed security service providers, and global government organizations.

Key Features and Capabilities

As a pure-play provider, we have an open architecture and agile approach to meeting your individual SecOps needs. You are not tied down by existing technologies or vendor relationships.

When you start using IncMan SOAR, you don’t need to replace other tools you use to find one that works with our SOAR platform. Our open architecture allows you the flexibility to integrate with virtually any tool you’re already using.

IncMan SOAR automatically triages, investigates, and contains threats by keeping track of previous incidents and using conditional logic decision-making to apply past information to current alerts.

With 100+ out of the box automation tools, you can identify false positives before creating full incidents, leading to a 10x reduction of analyst time spent on alert identification. They can redirect their time to proactive threat hunting.

We provide a comprehensive platform that supports SecOps and IR teams from threat identification to remediation, including full case management capabilities.

Orchestrate technology, people, and processes by managing tasks, tracking indicators and intelligence, and generating notifications.

You can also integrate with third-party tools and maintain a complete audit log of incident activity throughout every incident.

Your SecOps team can use our wide variety of incident management features to manage complex incidents more effectively.

IncMan SOAR is highly adaptable and can be tailored to meet your unique needs. It can be customized to use your existing programs and processes so you don’t have to start from scratch.

IncMan SOAR’s complete customizability makes it the ideal solution for managing a wide variety of incidents, including any type of cyber incident. It can also handle non-cyber use cases like financial fraud and physical security incidents.

Create incidents manually or automatically using any one of the growing number of data ingestion sources. With IncMan SOAR, your incident response and mitigation can begin before an analyst even looks at it.

We actively work with you to help reach your SecOps goals. When you use IncMan SOAR, you can count us part of your security team. We partner with you to keep your organization safe.

IncMan SOAR offers 140+ readily available KPI reports for operational performance, incidents, threats, and regulatory compliance. These reports help you to improve your overall security program from POC to production.

We use both fully- and semi-automated playbooks and conditional logic automation to accelerate the incident response process, reducing reaction times from hours to seconds.

This provides security administrators the ability to determine the appropriate amount of automation required at every stage of the response process. The final decision can be taken by a human analyst, if required.

IncMan SOAR works with virtually any SIEM, security, and non-security solutions, so you can keep your existing technology and gain a higher ROI on all the tools you have invested in.

Automate and orchestrate actions in third-party solutions across a wide variety of security and IT product spaces. IncMan SOAR supports hundreds of 3rd party security technologies via QIC, API, CEF, Syslog, and email. With a constantly growing list of certified bidirectional integrations, plus an Open Integration Framework for custom integrations, you can integrate your full security toolstack and utilize over 100 built-in automation actions.

This full integration and orchestration improves response times and analysts’ productivity.

IncMan SOAR’s unique use of playbooks and runbooks (powered by conditional logic automation) opens up hundreds of possibilities for creative customization. With these powerful tools you can match or surpass virtually any SOC process.

This allows you to automate and orchestrate all types of use cases, including vulnerability management and cyber fraud, whether managing in-house or externally through an MSSP.


Take Charge of Your Security Operations with IncMan SOAR.

Be confident in your Security Operations and Incident Response.

Learn how IncMan SOAR helps you to:

  • Improve your response time by up to 80% with fully and semi-automated Incident Response
  • See a substantial return on investment — for the cost of about one analyst per year, you can 10x your SecOps productivity
  • Know which information, tasks, and alerts are actionable
  • Respond to every single alert as it arrives in real-time so that no threats are left unattended
  • Utilize your human resources and existing tools more effectively.

See our IncMan SOAR in action.

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