IncMan SOAR: Measure

What is Measurement?

Measurement refers to the quantification of results obtained by using measurement tools. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a common method for measuring the success or failure of a business goal, function or objective and are a means of providing actionable information on which informed decisions can be based. Most security operations goals are largely focused on positive or negative trends over time rather than achieving a specific target.

Why Measure?

Informed Security Decision Making

Measurement of security information is key for making informed tactical and strategic security decisions. Combined with security automation and orchestration, measurement is the third critical component of a SOAR solution.

Information to support tactical decisions typically consists of incident data, targeted towards analysts and managers, which may include indicators of compromise, related events, assets, process status and threat intelligence, while strategic information is targeted towards managers and executives and is used to make informed high-level decisions. Strategic information may include incident trends and statistics, associated costs, threat intelligence and incident correlation. More advanced security programs may also use strategic information to enable proactive threat hunting.

Measure with IncMan SOAR.

Add Value to Your Security Program

IncMan SOAR provides the most extensive metrics available in the market to be able to measure, benchmark and optimize security operations and incident response activities and performance. Providing real-time situational awareness of the state of security operations and risk exposure, security managers can measure every individual phase of the incident response workflow and visualize and analyse threats, adding significant value to their existing security program.

As the scale of an investigation grows, so does the number of individual reports required for different stakeholders, whether across internal management teams and departments, or externally to third parties outside of the organization.

Customizable Dashboards & Widgets

Display a huge variety of KPIs and metrics in graphical and text formats, including charts, graphs and tables and meters. Configured per user with role-based dashboards and customizable widgets allows for the most relevant information to always be seen.

Reporting Engine & Templates

Including over 140 customizable KPI and report templates enables comprehensive reporting on operational performance, incidents, threats and regulatory compliance. All reports can be quickly exported and used in other documentation or presentations.

Comprehensive Incident Metrics

Measure every individual phase of the incident response workflow to allow managers to optimize and bench current performance, conduct SLA calculation and identify areas for further improvement.

Report Storage & Management

Attach common documents to an incident, allowing all reports relevant to the investigation to be stored in a single location. By supporting granular role-based access controls, administrators can easily restrict who is able to access certain information.

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