IncMan SOAR: Automate

What is Security Automation?

Security automation is the method of automatically handling tasks without the need for manual intervention. Depending on the organization’s requirements, the level of automation can be determined and doesn't need to be fully automated should a human decision be required. Automated tasks are part of a larger orchestrated process, hence security automation and orchestration go hand in hand but are not the same.

Why Automate?

No Security Alert Left Untouched

Security teams today are often understaffed and become too overwhelmed to effectively tackle the increasing number of security alerts being received and alert fatigue sets in with the amount of mundane and repetitive tasks required. Utilizing a solution to automatically respond to this growing volume of cyber threats is key, enabling faster response to potential security incidents, while allowing security analysts to proactively focus on higher skilled tasks such as threat hunting and intelligence gathering.

Security automation helps to solve a number of security operations challenges and pain points, leading to improved incident resolution times, maximizing operational efficiencies and overall security program performance.

Automate with IncMan SOAR.

Work Smarter and Respond Faster

Through a unique combination of both Playbooks and Runbooks, DFLabs provides a solution to effective Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) to meet organization’s bespoke security program requirements. Its library of customizable runbooks and playbooks automate and orchestrate the response to threat and incident scenarios, including malware, data loss, regulatory breach notification and more.

R3 Rapid Response Runbooks.

The Only SOAR Platform to Offer Full Incident Lifecycle Automation

At the heart of IncMan SOAR is DFLabs’ R3 Rapid Response Runbook engine. R3 Runbooks fully automate the triage, investigation and containment of incidents using conditional actions. With 100+ out of the box automation action available they enable workflows to execute a variety of granular data enrichment, notification, containment and custom actions based on complex, stateful and logical decision making, ensuring no security alert goes untouched.

It’s dual-mode action feature combines manual, semi-automated and automated actions allowing security administrators the ability to determine the appropriate amount of automation they require at every stage of the response process, adding some level of human decision making, as and when required.

R3 Runbooks are created using a visual editor and are enhanced by capabilities to empower incident responders in assessing, investigating and hunting for threats, and to gather, maintain and transfer knowledge between Incident Response and SOC teams.

Automated Responder Knowledge.

Augmenting Security Analysts Using Machine Learning

Automated response recommendations are made using DFLabs’ patent-pending and state of the art Automated Responder Knowledge (ARK) module. It applies machine learning to historical responses to threats and recommends relevant runbooks, playbooks and paths of action to manage and mitigate them, and to also respond more effectively to future incidents.

ARK requires sufficient training data – it begins with no knowledge, but learns from the experience and actions of your security team, becoming more effective over time, applying supervised learning based on case-based reasoning.

Organization Threats

ARK constructs a model of an organizations threat landscape based on known and historical incidents

Assess New Incidents

ARK scores and evaluates any incident based on unique and shared indicators and attributes and their relevance to historical incidents

Suggest Appropriate Actions

The algorithms use this model to suggest playbooks and actions for similar or related threats

Prioritize Known Threats

Threats known to the model are considered to have greater relevance, are scored more reliably, and are assigned a greater urgency and higher prioritization

Platform at a Glance.

Dashboard showing Incident Statistics
Incident Playbook for General Malware
Incident Rapid Response Runbook for SQL Injection
Summary of Incident Details

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