IncMan SOAR: Orchestrate

What is Security Orchestration?

Security orchestration is the method of aligning disparate security tools and technologies by integrating multiple systems and platforms to enable streamlined security processes, empowering security automation for accelerated incident response.

It helps to translate complex incident response processes and tasks into consistent, repeatable, measurable, and effective workflows. Combined with human collaboration, security orchestration brings together people, processes, and technologies to increase the overall efficiency of security operations teams.

Why Orchestrate?

Streamline Incident Response Processes

With the increasing complexity of cyber attacks, investigations, and incident response can be difficult to manage. Security orchestration provides security teams with a guided approach to responding to security alerts with a defined step by step process. These streamlined processes and workflows ensure organizations adhere to the latest regulations, such as data breach notification and reporting.

Typically, analysts would consume valuable time manually pulling and filtering data from a number of separate tools and resources. With all tools working together as one, they can focus their efforts on specific investigation tasks and the responses needed, as well as proactively hunting for threats.

Orchestration helps to improve security operations productivity and performance, as well as increase the ROI on existing security tools and technologies already being deployed.

Orchestrate with IncMan SOAR.

Connect and Coordinate Complex Workflows

IncMan SOAR drives intelligence-driven command and control of your security operations. Orchestrate the full incident response and investigation lifecycle for your SOC and CSIRT. Empower security analysts, forensic investigators and incident responders to respond to, track, predict and visualize cyber security incidents and enable security managers and CISO’s to manage and measure operational performance and cyber risk.

Control Incident Response

Provide flexible methods for orchestrating complex security workflows. Apply customizable linear or conditional playbooks that support complex, stateful and conditional logical decision making combining manual and automated actions, with 100+ included playbook templates.

Fuse Security Intelligence

Aggregate, correlate and analyze data from hundreds of leading 3rd party security and threat intelligence sources within a single platform via Syslog, CEF and Email parsing, with 45+ certified bidirectional connectors, including an Open Integration Framework and REST API for custom integrations.

Automate Knowledge Sharing

Maintain and transfer expertise by applying machine learning to historical responses to threats. Manage incidents across stakeholders collaboratively, consistently and securely with an integrated knowledge base for sharing intelligence, detailed procedures and best practices.

Platform at a Glance.

Dashboard showing Incident Statistics
Incident Playbook for General Malware
Incident Rapid Response Runbook for SQL Injection
Summary of Incident Details

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