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  • Rapidly respond to cybersecurity alerts
  • 10x your SecOps productivity
  • Minimize the impact of incidents
  • Easily integrate with your current ecosystem

7 Reasons to Choose the Most Open SOAR on the Market

DFLabs’ SOAR technology improves the reaction time to cyber threats by up to 80% and enhances the efficiency factor by an average of 10X.

1. Open Integration Framework

  • Integrated actions can be modified on the fly

    Extend security product integrations easily without the need for complex coding.

  • Everybody can easily develop integrations

    Share knowledge and integrations with DFLabs’ IncMan SOAR Community Portal.

  • The only SOAR Solution with IT/OT use cases

    There are no limits to the integrations you can create including your own script – Cyber – Anti-fraud – Industrial Security- IoT and Beyond.

2. Advanced Triage and Machine Learning Engine

Significantly reduce false positives and duplicate events.

Alerts Triage

  • Automated investigation of relevant IOCs
  • Specific Cyber and Non-Cyber info-gathering processes (i.e. financial transactions, credit cards, admin logins, IoT network activity, …)
  • Reduction of false positives

Alerts Escalation

  • Alerts converted in Incidents automatically or with Analyst supervision
  • Enrichment results documented on the incident
  • Automated re-classification of Incident, based on the results of Triage

3. Case Management, Chain of Custody and Probatory Role

Manage all aspects of the incident case management with specific emphasis on the evidentiary and probatory role.

  • Segregation of duties with access to over 500 Grants

  • Forensic compliance

  • Data breach regulations

4. Highly Customizable Dashboards, Reports and KPIs

  • Dashboards and KPIs

    Easily customize your dashboards to include all relevant data to your workflow processes, job functions, timeframes, and characteristics.

  • The Fastest and Most Customizable Reports on the Market

    Build customizable KPI reports in your own template, generate reports in different formats, as well as have access to advanced reporting with impact visual dashboards.

5. Patented Technologies and Unique SOAR Capabilities

The SOAR vendor with the highest number of patents.

  • Incident Correlation and Visualization:

    correlates with critical incident attributes, enabling analysts to uncover patterns and detect hidden threats among the massive amount of intelligence gathered by IncMan SOAR on a daily basis.

  • Machine Learning Method:

    incorporates granular user feedback into an advanced machine learning system

  • Forensic Case Management:

    based on ISO e27041, ISO 27042, ISO 27043, ISO 27035, and NIST.

6. Multi-Tenancy Native Platform for MSSPs

Multi-Tenancy Native Platform to Provide Incident and Response and SOC Services.

  • Centralized management with aggregated reporting and high visibility on tenants
  • Propagate standards from Master to Tenant
  • Horizontal and vertical scalability to ensure excellent performance
  • Physical Data segregation by Customer
  • Advanced Clustering

7. Excellent Support

You’re not alone, we’re here to lead you through the process. Besides sharing a useful knowledge base with numerous articles and runbooks uncovering the core of IncMan SOAR, we’ll also provide you direct support, and through our partners, we’ll allow you to tap into the full powers of our IncMan SOAR.


Take Charge of Your Security Operations with IncMan SOAR.

Be confident in your Security Operations and Incident Response.

Learn how IncMan SOAR helps you to:

  • Improve your response time by up to 80% with fully and semi-automated Incident Response
  • See a substantial return on investment — for the cost of about one analyst per year, you can 10x your SecOps productivity
  • Know which information, tasks, and alerts are actionable
  • Respond to every single alert as it arrives in real-time so that no threats are left unattended
  • Utilize your human resources and existing tools more effectively.

See our IncMan SOAR in action.

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